My name is Jason Durrant and I live in Suffolk on the east coast of England near the mainland's most easterly point.
My day job is as a network administrator for a rural high school in Suffolk with about 1200 students​.
I have a BSc (hons) in Computing and Information Technologies.

My interest in astronomy goes back as far as I can remember and I remember following the Apollo - Soyuz flight with great interest. Like most amateur astronomers in the UK my greatest influence in astronomy was Sir Patrick Moore and his The Sky at Night TV series.

I have had an interest in photography since I was a small child and was allowed to take some photos my fathers Zenit TTL SLR camera back in 1976. My father was a professional wedding and industrial photographer. 10 years later I got my first SLR as a Christmas present, a Zenit 11 which I stll have. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have a number of film SLR cameras.

In 2002 I bought my first digital camera a Fujifilm S602 with at the time a whopping 6X optical zoom! I also started astro photography with digital imaging equipment at around the same time owning many different telescopes and astrophotography CCD imaging cameras.
In 2009 due to a health problem I gave up astrophotography with large expensive amateur equipment and returned to more budget orientated methods of astrophotography. A move I have never regretted!

I have used many camera models over the years, currently my main cameras are a Pentax K-70 DSLR and a Sony A7S Mirrorless camera.

In 2018 I started the UK Budget Astrophotography facebook group to provide a place for astro photographers who do not have big expensive astro imaging set ups to share their photos and encourage others with help and advice.

After producing for the group page with some informational videos that had some great feedback I created a YouTube channel to provide a central location the videos can be viewed from and anyone with an interest could subscribe to and be notified of new content.